Set in the village of Chandrabhaga in Puri District of Orissa, Chandrabhaga Beach is considered one of the finest beaches along the eastern coast of India. The beach is located at a distance of 3 km from the World Heritage Site – Konark Temple. The beach holds great importance in the cultural and traditional identity of Orissa. Chandrabhaga Beach is believed to have witnessed the rise and fall of the Konark Temple. Because of the cultural importance it holds, many cultural activities are held at the beach. Chandrabhaga Mela, which is a seven day fair, is organized at the beach to honour Lord Surya.

Chandrabhaga Beach is a perfect destination for those who wish to spend some time amid natural beauty and peace. Chandrabhaga Beach experiences cool and pleasant weather throughout the year. So, the beach can be visited anytime in the year. However, the best months to visit the beach are February, October, November and December. Chandrabhaga Beach leaves no foodie disappointed. There are many refreshment stalls and restaurants near the beach where tourists can enjoy lip smacking dishes from different cuisines.

Chandrabhaga Beach plays an important role in the cultural and traditional identity of Orissa. It witnessed the rise and fall of the Sun Temple of Konark. Chandrabhaga Beach, which is famous for its long stretch of golden sand bordered with casuarinas, is counted among the best beaches in India due to its ideal spot on the eastern coast. It is also famous for its sun rise views. Chandrabhaga Beach also offers excursions to tourist destinations like Gopalpur Beach, Puri, Chilika Lake and Bird Sanctuary, Bhubaneswar, etc.

Apart from the pilgrimage and cultural activities, tourists also have an option of enjoying beach activities like sun bathing, surfing, swimming and many more.