China, which is also popularly known as the People’s Republic of China. By the way, there is no match of name with work. China does not do such a scenario with India but shares the border with 21 countries around it. There are some China border dispute with these 21 countries. He also has a claim on the land of the countries with which he has good relations. China threatens them but does not fight.

China Border Dispute with Tajikistan

China also remains entangled on border dispute with Tajikistan. Tajikistan, which was once part of the Soviet Union, also describes Pamir mountain range of this country as its own. China says that Tajikistan was ruled by the Qing Dynasty of China between 1644 and 1912. In this sense, it claims right over Tajikistan.

China Border Dispute with Kyrgyzstan

In Kyrgyzstan too, China has staked its claim. China claims that it had conquered some territory of Kyrgyzstan in the 19th century. He later lost control of it. Now he has started claiming Tian Shan range down to the tripoint with Tajikistan again.

China Border Dispute with Afghanistan

Afghanistan also shares a border with China. The two countries share a 92.45 km border. The Vakhan region of Badakhshan is ruled by Afghanistan. China calls it its own. An agreement was done between the two countries in 1963, but the border dispute over the Wakhan region was not yet resolved.

China Border Dispute with Pakistan

China also has a border dispute with its close friend Pakistan, but Pakistan has surrendered to China by giving Shaksgam Valley. The way China is building an economic corridor. This will prove to be the biggest loss to Pakistan in the coming time.

China Border Dispute with Nepal

China asserts its claim over a large part of Lipulekh of Nepal, and this border dispute is not new but from the time of war between China and Nepal between 1788 and 1792. China says Nepal is a part of Tibet; in this sense, Nepal belongs to China.

China Border Dispute with Bhutan

The small country Bhutan is also often intimidated by China. Considering Bhutan as weak, he had sneaked up to Doklam. China had to retreat due to India’s intervention, but the border dispute did not end. China wants to build roads and concrete in this area.

China Border Dispute with Myanmar

Myanmar used to be a part of then Burma China during the Yuan dynasty of China between 1271 and 1368. Taking the same history as the basis, China seems to be claiming the bulk of Myanmar. However, Myanmar is one of the countries that purchase arms from China. Relations between the two countries are good, but China’s claim is not over yet.

China Border Dispute with Laos

China has also raised a border dispute with Laos. China says that during the reign of the Yuan Dynasty, he had authority over Laos, so his claim was made on the territory of Laos.

China Border Dispute with Vietnam

China is also having border disputes with Vietnam. The Ming dynasty ruled Vietnam between 1368 and 1644. On this basis, China asserts its claim on Vietnam. Right now, the relations between the two countries are good, but the dispute is not over. Also, have disputes over the Paracel Islands.

China Border Dispute with North Korea

Although China has good relations with North Korea, despite these relations, China has put its claim on the Jindao area of ​​North Korea. This border dispute is not resolved despite having a good relationship.

China Border Dispute with Mongolia

China believes that Mongolia was also a part of it during Yuan rule. However, the truth is that Genghis Khan of Mongolia had captured China.

China Border Dispute with Russia

Like Russia, the second-largest superpower of the world, the relations are right now. But on the border of one hundred and sixty thousand square kilometres adjoining Russia and China.

There was also a war between the two countries in 1969. Despite the rise, Russia then had to retreat based on the agreement. There was no agreement on Damansky Island. It was later decided that the two countries would not intervene on the island, but China did not falter. He calls this area his own.

China Border Dispute with Kazakhstan

China also has border disputes with its border country Kazakhstan. However, recently there have been agreements between the two countries which have gone into the loop of China. Controversy continues in the east of Zhalanashkol areas even now.

China Border Dispute with Taiwan

The border dispute between China and Taiwan began in 1949. In the Civil War, the Communists led by Mao Tse Tung defeated the Nationalist Comingtang Party led by Chiang Kai-shek.

China claims all of Taiwan, but selective conflicts are Macclesfield Bank, Paracel Islands, Scarborough Shoal, sections of the South China Sea, and therefore the Spratly Islands. The Paracel Islands also called Xisha Islands in Vietnamese, maybe a group of islands within the South China Sea whose supremacy is disputed between China, Taiwan, and Vietnam disputes with Burma.

China Border Dispute with Philippines

Scarborough Shoal part of the South China Sea is contested among the two countries. The Philippines drove this to the International Court of Justice, where they won the claim, but the Chinese didn’t abide by order of the ICJ.

China Border Dispute with Japan

There is a border dispute continuing between Japan and Japan over the Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea. The island is owned by Japan, but China says that until 1874 the island was its port. The Sino-Japanese War took place in 1900. After World War II, the island moved from Japan to the United States. In 1974 it was reassigned to Japan by the US. China still wants the island back.

China Border Dispute with Cambodia

Cambodia, famous for its temples, is also under the dirty watch of China. China has, once in a while, claimed parts of Cambodia on ancient precedent (China’s Ming, 1368-1644).

China Border Dispute with Indonesia

Indonesia, the country with the world’s largest Muslim population, also knocks China. Indonesia is ruled by Natuna Island of the South China Sea. China says that this area was previously owned by him. He also asks Indonesia to evacuate those areas. Because of this, relations between these two have not been good to date.

China Border Dispute with Singapore

Understand the tricks of China in this way. Singapore does not get the borders of China, but it always hinders its legs. In the South China Sea, where the Singapore government is ruling, China does not allow Singapore fishermen to come. Many times, Singapore boats are also captured.

China Border Dispute with Malaysia

The coastal islands of the South China Sea, which Malaysia has authority, China also tells them as their own. The dispute between the two countries has not been resolved to date.

China Border Dispute with South Korea

South Korea has authority over several islands in the South China Sea. China does not believe it. China historically owes its share to the whole of South Korea. China claims that the Yuan dynasty ruled South Korea. Therefore, he still has authority over this area.

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