Cuttack is one of the oldest cities in India and was founded in the year 989 A.D. by the Keshari Dynasty. Anglicized from a Sanskrit word, ‘KATAK’ which indicates the military camp or fort of a kingdom, in which the city has been classified as Cuttack. Let’s do a virtual Cuttack City Tour.

What is the History behind the city of Cuttack?

The city of Cuttack was founded by Emperor Nripe Keshari of the Keshari dynasty in 989 AD. Emperor Mercat Keshari built a stone wall in 1002 AD to protect the city from floods. Cuttack was the capital of Odisha for nearly 1000 years. Gang Vanshi and Surya Vanshi are also the capital of the kingdom. Let’s get into the Historic Cuttack City Tour.

After the last Hindu king of Odisha, Mukundadeva, the city of Cuttack was first Islamic and later under the Mughal Sultanate during the reign of Shah Jahan, where it recognized as a high-level province. By 1750, Odisha came under Marathas as well as Cuttack. After this, in 1803 AD, Cuttack came under the British.

In 1826 it became the capital of Odisha province. After the independence of the country, the capital of Odisha shifted from Cuttack to Bhubaneswar in 1948.

Cuttack City Tour: It’s Geography

According to the legend, Anangabhimadeva all referred to the original city as ‘Abhinaba Baranasi Kataka’. Cuttack located among the rivers Mahanadi and Kathajodi and was called Abhinab Baranasi (a sort of Varanasi). Cuttack evolved into a city of 5 villages’ viz. Choudwar Katak, Baranasi Katak, Sarangagarh Katak, Viraja Katak, and Amaravati Katak. Within the remote past, Cuttack joined by both land routes and waterways with famous medieval ports like Chelitalo, Palur, and Tarmalipti.

The Economy of Cuttack

The Silver City of India or Cuttack is the second-largest city of Odisha. Previously, it was also known to be the capital of the Odisha which later on shifted to Bhubaneswar. However, it is still the judicial capital of the state as the Odisha High-court situated at Cuttack. The city is supposed to be the commercial capital of the state as the most utmost of the tiny and enormous business organizations of Odisha belong to Cuttack only. The city is known as the millennium and the Silver city of India as well. Thanks to the world-famous filigree jobs are done on the silver ornaments and jewellery. The ivory and therefore the brass work are done alongside the textile industry of the state have made it into the limelight. Maybe it is the most chosen place for shopping all over the state. Known for its Durga Puja celebrations and offers extensive shopping facilities.

Silk and Cotton are the significant textiles of this region, Cuttack takes good care of the shopping spree as well. Every public discourse at Cuttack marked by brotherhood, tradition, and History, a number of the foremost predominant sentiments of individuals at Cuttack. With the help of past years, the people of Cuttack are quite sure although they need to witness a number of the worst floods.

Cuttack Tourism

Unmoved by these with several tourist attractions nearby, Cuttack remains one of the essential links of the golden triangle tour to Odisha. The beauty of the hills of the Ratnagiri, Lalitgiri, and Udayagiri attracts tourists. The Charvika Temple, situated on the bank, is a major pilgrimage centre for Hindus. Located here, the Bhattarika temple is dedicated to Maa Bhattarika, where tourists Cuttack City Tour daily.

The Chaudar located here is one of the eight peeths of Lord Shiva. Situated here, the angry known as an old centre for the study of Buddhism. Tourists can also visit the temple of Cuttack Chandi, which is dedicated to Goddess Chandi.

Many animals can be seen in the Satkosia Wildlife Sanctuary. The Barabati Stadium is situated here where tourists interested in sports can go for excursions. One can visit the freedom fighter Smriti and Netaji Museum to get a glimpse of freedom in our country.

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