Odisha is a state in the Eastern part of India. In this state a great balance of vegetarian and non vegetarian food can be found. The cuisine here as it has wide variety of choices for both veggies and non vegan lovers. In an Odia Thali which consists of a main course and dessert. Traditional breads are served as main course for breakfast and rice is eaten for lunch and dinner with the classic dalma and varieties of Odia special vegetables. Other than parathas and roti pithas are famous odisha breakfast. Sweets are enjoyed after every meal and there are varieties of milk based sweets being enjoyed here. The classic recipes from this state which can be enjoyed for the lunch. The potato parval chips is the replica of the fish fry they made for and have with a meal.

Specials in Odia Thali are:

  • Phakala
  • Janta Roti
  • Dalma
  • Aloo Posto
  • Baingan Chatka
  • Potato Ivy Gourd Chips
  • Phala Rasgulla
  • Kanika
  • Pana

Odisha gives a rich culinary experience when one experiments with its traditional and contemporary dishes which are healthy, diversified and tempting taste for the taste buds. Both beginners and advanced cooking experts can definitely try Odisha dishes in their kitchen in their own unique style.