Pachmarhi is one of the highest point in Madhya Pradesh. It is situated between the sedate Satpura Range. Located at an altitude of 3500ft. above the sea level and at distance of 2000 km from the capital city Bhopal. Pachmarhi is a hill station and is most scenic spot in entire central India. One of the best getaway for a solitaire who is looking for a quiet, calm, sleepy and subdued place, far from the chaos and clamor of cities. There are numerous walks through the deep Sal and bamboo forests that are mostly untraded paths. Stride along these forests and deep valleys that enviously guard this pearl. Occasionally stop by for a refreshing dip in the many crisp ponds that you will find scattered throughout the hill station. The saucer shaped town has few churches and army buildings that lend a colonial aura to the environment.

Tourist have the option to just laze around in their hotel enjoying the nature or they can choose to spend the time actively. There is a small golf course which is maintained by a local club. Engage in a game or two and watch the ball get lost in the splendid backdrop of Satpuras. Adventure doesn’t seem to be a part of such a calm place but people who have visited Pachmarhi beg to differ. There are ample of trekking routes along the valleys of the Satpura range that are good enough to keep the trekkers on their toes. Pachmarhi is a popular tourist retreat. Tourists visit Pachmarhi throughout the year.

High And Handsome
Every part of this hill station is an attraction in itself and you need not go looking for places that are a treat to the eyes. Though there are places you just can’t miss that score a bit more than others. Places that gives you the chance to get a clear view of the entire hill station and the nearby areas. Also these places are most visited by tourist and center of attraction.

Ancient domes of five pandavas – PANDAVA’S CAVES

During pandavas exile period pachmarhi was supposed to be shelter for their existence. It was framed during 6th to 7th century and is the reason it is a point of attraction for tourist. As name reveals Pandava Caves are clusters of five caves each belonging to five Pandavas of Mahabharata times and this is how the protected monument got it name. tourists highly vist cavas because they connects and holds to ancient times and are witness to abode of five pandavas and relic of ancient time is found there.

Best Waterfalls with scenic spot


One of the best and most wonderful and mesmerizing waterfall of pachmarhi. This fall is quite alluring and landmark has its own charisma and charm of milky water. Bee Fall considered to be fall from height of 150 ft, above the sea level, perfect option for day excursion and outstanding clicks. It offers stunning picturesque that never fails to make place in heart of its tourist or visitors.


So are you a trekker and longing to see and capture mind boggling steeps and deeps waterfall than yes Pachmarhi helps you to end your search by offering you to sooth your eyes with a striking waterfall which is well situated at the Satpura range. Duchess fall is bifurcated in three different cascade from the top and among the three, one could be easily reached by covering a 4 km of distance. Here thin fall captures the attention with its natural beauty in form of wonderful cascade.


In Pachmarhi it is famous as FAIRY POOL yes this is same Apsara vihar This is a naturally formed pool which has a small and lovely waterfall which forms pool by flowing water. It is situated in proximity to Pandava Caves and is supposed to be an ideal for spending the whole day and picnicking. This frolicsome pool can be the best choice for swimming and diving lovers. It offers fresh environment with pure and clean blowing air to its visitors.


Rajat fall flows fabulously from only 10 minutes walking distance from Apsara Vihar and is well known as BIG FALL . Rajat Fall plunges from the height of around 350 ft. and is not less than the marvelous treat for nature lovers. It is a treat to eyes when you watch it standing at the bottom and waterfall glimpse become more majestic during rainy season.


Chauragarh peak is nestled at a high altitude of 1326 m and is one of the most visited place of pachmarhi. One could stand here and can capture most wow, stunning and mind boggling views consisting of deep valley, small hill locks and lush greenery. It is not only famous for its natural beauty but also known for religious belief Lord Shiva temple is situated at the top of the hill and this is highly visited by the devotees and visitors to bow their heads in front of almighty.


You are highly mistaken if you are in Pachmarhi and don’t visit Dhupgarh which was in earlier times known as Harvatsakot and us famous for its amazing views at time of dusk and dawn i.e for sunrise and sunset. Just imagine how wonderful it would be standing at height of 4429 ft. above sea level witnessing and capturing the stunning view of valley and hill covered with lush green vegetation. An amazing hot spot sprinkled by god grace on Earth.
Catholic church

Beautiful constructed with perfect amalgamation of Irish and French architectural style, CATHOLIC CHURCH was created in the year 1892 by one of the British ruler and is one of the main religious site . it was initially named as Church Of Our Lady but gradually converted to Catholic Church. Being an ancient it retain grate attraction through its perfect attractive construction and windows of churches catches the eyes most just because of stained glasses of Belgium.


Famous for the majestic holy shrine of Lord Shiva situated in the Hoshangabad district of Madhya Pradesh and very near to Pachmarhi. This is a natural cave which carries some myths along with it and main among them is cave was formed by Lord Shiva to get protection from the attack of demon Bhasmasur. Caves have 108 shivlings and thin stream of water named as Gupt Ganga. Devotees have belief and they offer Trishul to god. People from different nook of the country come here to witness charismatic idol o Lord Shiva. Spot is alluring because of can be painting and especially at the time of mahashivratri you can found great devotees here.


Reechgarh is also a famous tourist and visitors spot in pachmarhi. Originally it is a grotto having three sides opening although at one site it looks like fort but in actual it is a cavern. All three entrance gate are cragged with luch green vegetation which offers mind boggling scenic view. Basically it is a rock bowl like structure. Adventure lovers and thrillers would sure love to be at this exciting and enthralling place again and again.


Priyadarshini point is suppose to be the keyhole from where Pachmarhi was actually discovered. It holds a remarkable place. Captain James Forsyth was the man behind the origin of this saucer shaped place on this earth. In 1857 he used to witness this place through vantage point and later on it got recognition as sanatorium and gradually converted as Hill Resort. This is an amazing hill station in Madhya Pradesh. This can be on the top of the list if you are wishimg for long time stay and want to spend few moments of your life in calm atmosphere.
PACHMARHI is a gem to Madhya Pradesh and hopefully it would be unforgettable experience of the life for all its tourist and visitors.

Where to Put Up:

The market area has many hotels which are good enough for people who are looking for budget hotel with basic facilities. There are private guest houses as well like Evelyn’s own. You can also opt for MP Tourism properties located in the civil areas which definitely are a best accommodation. If you are looking for option nearer to nature, go for Satpura Retreat which is also maintained by MP Tourism. Other hotels in the town are Rock End Manor, Panchavati and Hotel Highland.

Getting there and access:

Pachmarhi is well connected from Bhopal, Chhindwara, Indore, Jabalpur. Buses start from Habibganj ISBT of Bhopal and generally take close to 5–6 hours and from Indore it takes 10–11 hours via Bhopal to reach Pachmarhi. The buses move through different towns like Chhindwara Babai, Sohagpur and Pipariya. Pipariya is the nearest railhead.

Madhya Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation buses are available for Pachmarhi from Indore, Bhopal. These buses are air conditioned. You cabn also connect their via

The Raj Bhoj Airport at Bhopal is the closest airport which is around 195 km away. It takes around 5-6 hr drive from Bhopal to Pachmarhi.

Nearest railhead is at Pipariya which is at a distance of 47 km. You can hire a taxi to reach Pachmarhi.

Regular bus service is there between Bhopal and Pachmarhi. State transport buses also have their coaches plying between these cities. Pachmarhi is also connected to Nagpur, Pipariya and Hoshangabad.

Local Transport:
Pachmarhi is not a very spread out town and the ideal mode of exploring the hill station is by bicycle. Bus service is also there though not in huge numbers